Annual Garage Sale - June

The community hosts a one-day Garage Sale on the first Saturday in June. The Community League also arranges at the end of the day for a charitable organization to pick up any unsold items. Sport Central has often set up an area in the community for families to donate their surplus sports equipment.  Details are communicated in the Spring.

Party in the Park - June

This event has taken place on the same day as the annual Garage Sale. We look forward to bringing back this event in 2022 providing there is some volunteer support from the community. If you are interested in assisting with this event please email the Community League.

Light Up Wedgewood - December

This annual event takes place on the first Sunday of December. Families gather to celebrate the start of the holiday season It has become a tradition for many families. Watch our calendar for this annual event.

Walking Club - Meets Weekly (Not active at this time)

The walking club meets weekly at the bus loop to explore one of the many great paths in the area. Walks typically go from 1-1 1/2 hours depending on the route and weather conditions. All fitness levels are welcome. On occasion, a longer walk/hike is planned on the weekend. Questions about the club can be sent to 


Free Swim for Community League Members

Jasper Place Fitness & Leisure centre

Jasper Place Fitness & Leisure centre


9200 163 Street

Sundays: 4:00pm-6pm

Staring Date: July 03, 2022


Show your valid Wedgewood Community League membership at the pool listed above for free access during the designated community league swim times. 



 All users will abide by the City’s ratio: a maximum of three children under 8 years of age must be actively supervised in the pool and anywhere in the aquatic facility at all times by a responsible person 15 years of age or older (preferably a parent or guardian). Children under 8 must be within ARMS REACH at all times.

All users will complete a 25 metre swim test prior to entering deep water (chest deep), each time the users visit the facility. Everyone must be able to swim 25 metres on their front without stopping before entering deep water. If a PFD is used for the demonstrated swim, it must always be worn in deep water. PFDs are recommended for all weak or non-swimmers. PFDs are available at all pools free of charge

Maximum of three children under 8 must be actively supervised in the pool and anywhere in the aquatic facility by a responsible person 15 years of age or older.

Users must be aware and swim within their limitations.

Users take a cleansing shower before every swim to avoid carrying dirt, bodily secretions, bacteria or residue from hygiene products into the pool.

Users eat only in designated areas, and not on the pool deck.

Users will alert facility staff of any medical conditions or problems (ie: heart conditions, epilepsy etc.) of any of its users.

Users will evacuate the pool and follow staff instructions when an alarm/whistle/horn is sounded. If someone needs help, they will assist if it is safe to do so.

If a Licensee is witness to an emergency situation they should notify a staff member immediately. Licensees will adhere to and comply with amenity specific guidelines.

No running on the pool deck or in the showers.

Do not dive into shallow water. Enter feet first.

No fooling around, wrestling, or rough play on the diving board, slide, swing rope or pool edge.

No prolonged breath holding or breath holding games.

Report faulty equipment to staff.

Remove shoes before entering change rooms or the pool area.

Finish eating and drinking before entering the change room. Use garbage bins provided.

No open or glass containers are allowed in the change room or pool area.

Plastic water bottles are permitted in steam rooms and saunas.

 The City is not responsible for personal belongings; please protect your belongings by leaving them at home and securing them.

Unsecured or unattended personal items may be placed in the lost and found.

Please retain proof of payment, such as a receipt or wristband, prior to entering any paid use areas Pool Protocols

Alert Staff of medical problems (heart condition, epilepsy, etc.).

The City of Edmonton welcomes children and adults of all abilities in our facilities, and is committed to the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in our programs. Please indicate to staff what, if any, supports or accommodations are required to ensure successful participation in our programming.

Individuals requiring assistance are welcome to bring an attendant. Attendants may be admitted, at no additional cost, when assisting an individual to attend our facilities, services or programs..

No spitting and avoid swallowing pool water.

Limit your stay in the steam room, sauna, or hot tub to no longer than 10 minutes at a time

Please consult a doctor if you have epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart condition, or are pregnant.

Suitable swimwear is required. Swimwear may be made of different types of fabrics and styles as long as it does not interfere with safety or water quality. All swimwear must be clean and brought to the facility for the purpose of swimming.

A modified version of traditional swimwear is permissible as an alternative (footless tights, tight-fitting shirts, burkinis, rash guards, etc.).

Regardless of the suitable swimwear you are wearing, take a cleansing shower before every swim to avoid carrying dirt, bodily secretions, bacteria or residue from hygiene products into the pool.

Use washroom facilities prior to swimming, especially children. Children who are not toilet trained must wear waterproof diapers (available from the cashier). Ensure all children and/or adult diapers are properly secured and changed regularly to prevent leakage. Report discharges (vomit, blood, feces) immediately to staff for cleaning.


Do not swim if suffering from a cold, flu, bacterial or viral infection, communicable disease or severe skin condition. Do not enter pool if you currently suffer from diarrhea, or had diarrhea within the last two weeks

Persons exhibiting signs of intoxication or substance use will not be allowed onto the property.


Cell phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and other personal recording devices are permitted in all City of Edmonton Recreation and Leisure Centres. Their use, however, is prohibited in specific areas including washrooms, dressing rooms and change rooms. In prohibited areas, all recording devices must be put away, outside of public view (pocket, purse, etc.).

When using a recording device in non-prohibited areas please consider the openness of the space and how it may impact the experiences of others around you. Taking pictures of individuals or groups without their consent is not appropriate.

Any person who uses a recording device to commit a contravention may be asked to leave and can have their privileges suspended from City facilities and property.

Please see facility staff if you have any questions regarding the use of electronic devices in City-operated facilities.