Community League and Homeowners Association Newsletters and updates.

This is where the combined Community League/Homeowner's Association Newletter is posted, you should receive one by mail as well, It contains very pertinent information around Community, bylaws, and compliant information that is unique and has legal compliance ramifications within Wedgewood.


Thank you to all those who contributed to the news items.

If you have some information that you would like included in the next edition of the Wedgewood Ravine Newsletter please send the Community League an email.

The forms that are included with the newsletter to submit HOA Fees or register for a Community League Membership can be found on the Forms tab under the Homeowners Association.

 2020 - Fall In Action Newsletter  

 2020 - WRHOA Spring Newsletter

 2019 Spring/Summer Community Newsletter 



WRHOA in Action Newsletters

This is a place where our Homeowners Board communicates some of the ongoing initiatives in the neighborhood, dispel any common myths we have heard, help better clarify the Board's positions and responsibilities, as well as give information on the issues we face, day to day, long term, and common issues brought to us by residents. 

As a board we are asked many questions, lots of times daily, from common city bylaw complaints, which we defer to have the homeowner contact the city direct, to common complaints within the neighborhood around Wedgewood specific guideline complaints and questions. 

These guidelines form part of your legal documents at time of purchase and are unique to Wedgewood, much like other neighborhoods that have similar, but unique guidelines, these are not governed by any city body like city bylaws. 

These are very much legal requirements, and as such can be acted on legally, and we get many homeowners coming to us to clarify and lots of requests to assist.    

These In Action Newsletters are to better inform the Community of Wedgewood, the differences between the Homeowners Board and the Community League Board, as they are two different boards, governed completely differently.  

(Latest) WRHOA in Action Newsletter Nov 2019 Edition

WRHOA in Action Newsletter Nov 2018 Edition