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Wedgewood New information - RV Parking - compliance, enforcement and legal implications

We have had many discussions and queries over the past years regarding Restrictions around RV, and other trailer storage on streets and driveways.  This should come down to a good neighbor philosophy, rather than a test the rules philosophy, however, we have had to go through the compliance issue a few times in recent years, and it continues to be an ongoing and reoccurring issue, that we are obliged to deal with as an association, to maintain the legal guidelines as they are written for our subdivision.

This has been outlined and covered in a recent letter, which is posted for clarity.  With all guidelines they carry certain responsibilities as a neighbor and homeowner in the subdivision, which we all have agreed to, when accepting them upon purchase, as outlined by your legal team and the documents you signed and accepted at purchase.  it is a condition of living in this neighborhood, as outlined in these documents, and as such, failure to abide, will result is challenges, and consequences.   

As a homeowners association we are bound by the guidelines, and are subsequently in a difficult spot where we need to remind people of these guidelines, and the consequences of not following them.  Its unfortunate, this takes up a lot of our time, and there is a common misconception that these complaints are brought forth by the homeowners association.  We receive complaints regularly for RV's, trailers, utility trailers, as one of our main areas of time investment, from many residents of the subdivision. 

We have to act on these, in conjunction with homeowners, to ensure compliance, its an unfortunate part of what we have to do, however its part of what everyone in this community bought into, and by signing with their legal counsel to purchase, we are all bound by the same rules, regardless if this was not made clear by your lawyer at time of purchase. attached is one recent decision that was brought down in a legal challenge around RV parking and storage.

These challenges have real costs and consequences, including legal costs, removal costs, and retrieval costs, failure to abide by these and more importantly, maintain a good neighbor attitude, will result in further escalating restrictions and costs.  

Parking RVs In Wedgewood compliance


Fence Painting - 2020 - Barton Landscaping - weather permitting

Our yearly painting is back for 2020 and we will be doing painting on common area fencing, weather permitting.  This has been done in the past and continues to be done as a courtesy service to the homeowners that own these fences, and are ultimately responsible for their upkeep and painting.  We are asking all homeowners that back on to common spaces, to inspect and repair fences, as many are in unrepairable shape, and this is a cost that the homeowner is responsible for.

Barry at Barton landscaping can give assessments and quotes for repairs, if you'd like to have someone else look after this for you, 780-918-7846 or email 

The fences are built to a specific specification listed on the website here, Wedgewood Fence detail compliance drawing and the color of all fences is to be Wedgewood slate green, specific for our subdivision as Sherwin Williams in Westgate center on the north side of west Edmonton mall, and we generally get a discount for our subdivision.  There are many fences that need repair or replacing, and we do not want to have a situation where we are wasting money painting an irreparable fence, so please inspect your fences, or have Barton inspect, lots of times, if caught early enough, replacement isn't necessary.  

Please follow the fencing guideline on the webpage under homeowners association legal design guidelines, as these are enforceable guidelines in our neighborhood.