Community Fireworks At Risk

Below is a note from our Light Up Wedgewood fireworks vendor that he asks you please read. - WW Community League 

The use of family fireworks in Edmonton is under threat, and the Canadian National Fireworks Association (CNFA), Uncle John's Fireworks, and our community needs your help.

This month our City Council is being presented with proposed new regulations that, if accepted, will effectively ban family and community fireworks celebrations in Edmonton.   

Please contact Councillor Sarah Hamilton regarding this issue.  Please ask her to support deferring the fireworks bylaw that is now being considered. Let her know that consumer fireworks shows have been an important part of Wedgewood's annual community celebration. If there is someone on your board who is active in City politics perhaps you could ask them to contact Councillor Hamilton.

Every year there are more rules stopping fireworks shows that have been going on for years. New unnecessary rules have moved your fireworks show to a less appropriate location. Some communities have already lost their fireworks shows because of new rules including Lynnwood, McCauley/Little Italy, Evergreen Mobile Park and many others. And this happened even though consumer fireworks have never caused a fire or audience member injury ever in Edmonton.

We think the fees and overtime charges for a single consumer fireworks show will be $635 or even higher under the new bylaw. This will make any fireworks show too expensive for all but the wealthiest communities. And the new red tape will make the use or even purchase of family fireworks within Edmonton impossible. And that will put us out of business.

We’re the leading fireworks retailer in northern Alberta.  In these already tough economic times, our Council, without your input, or the fireworks industry’s input, will use red tape to force me to shut my doors if these regulations pass. The City of Edmonton needs more jobs not more red tape.

Every year we proudly donate fireworks displays to non-profit organizations in our community including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, MS Bike Ride, Military Family Resource Centre, Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Scouts Canada, Alberta Cancer, Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and many more.

To summarize, you may have enjoyed your very last community fireworks display in Edmonton should these proposed regulations pass.

Please, contact city council, every member, including the mayor, to help us stop these changes before they become law. Tell them you want to be able to continue to enjoy your family fireworks celebrations, tell them you can and will follow all the safety rules, and keep your traditions alive.

Contact your Councillors stating you want the ability to continue to enjoy family fireworks

Contact Mayor Iveson stating you want the ability to continue to enjoy family fireworks

Please send this email onto your friends and colleagues and ask for their support, too.
Thank you for any help.
Yours truly,
John Adria