Fence Cost and repair/replacement Responsibilities and Painting

The Homeowners association again this year will undertake the painting of the common area facing fences. 

These fences, their upkeep, and painting is 100 percent responsibility of each homeowner, as with any fence within the neighborhood, each owner is responsible for the fences and maintaining them in the original configuration and construction.  

The homeowners as a courtesy have painted the common area facing fences as part of a continual upkeep process for the enjoyment of the entire neighborhood.  We will not repair fences, and many are beyond repair at this point and need to be replaced, or minimally repaired.  you can contact Barry Barton at Barton landscaping, who look after the rest of our community, and they can build you a new fence to the standard required by the neighborhood guidelines.

Barry's number is 780-918-7846

call early as the painting will begin anytime as weather permits through the summer.   The areas to be painted this year, weather and time permitting.

Walkways between Wells Wynd and Weber Way.

         The main walkway between Lessard Rd and Wedgewood Boulevard.

         The walkway from Wedgewood Boulevard to Wells Wynd.

         The walkway from Wells Wynd to the now closed TUC access.

         The walkway from Weber Way to Weber Close.

         The walkway from Weber Close to Wedgewood Boulevard.

         The walkway from Weber Way to Wedgewood Boulevard.

If you own fence in any of these areas please repair or replace fences or make arrangements to have them done, prior to paint crew getting there.