Fence Painting-Please read! Action required!

Wood Fences

Our Fences in Wedgewood have been built to a consistent design and color across the entire subdivision, for neighborhood appearance, continuity, and design quality, and adherence to this original design specification is mandatory and outlined in the document link above.  All design guidelines in the neighborhood, non compliance can be met with penalties.

The Homeowner's association is in the process of painting more sections of fence, on the park and common area side.  This is being done as a service, however, the maintenance of these fence, and ultimately the painting is the responsibility of the homeowner, solely.  We would appreciate that all homeowners inspect their fences, both sides, and repair them prior to painting, this fall, or early spring, weather dependent.  These fences are mostly in very poor condition, and if you are unable to maintain it yourself, please contact Barry at Barton landscape so he can repair it for you, for a reasonable cost, and he knows the fence style that is mandatory for the neighborhood. Here are the areas, that are next on the list, please inspect, and repair, as many are beyond repair.


The common area’s being targeted this year are as follows:

             Walkways between Wells Wynd and Weber Way.

             The main walkway between Lessard Rd and Wedgewood Boulevard.

             The walkway from Wedgewood Boulevard to Wells Wynd.

             The walkway from Wells Wynd to the now closed TUC access.

             The walkway from Weber Way to Weber Close.

             The walkway from Weber Close to Wedgewood Boulevard.

             The walk way from Weber Way to Wedgewood Boulevard.