Sign up for a Community Garden Bed

After a successful temporary garden last year the Community League will be supporting the set up of another garden; it will also be temporary and set up along Wedgewood Blvd towards the end of the neighbourhood. This is a large sunny area which is ideal for growing. With the added space there will be 30 garden beds; a few different sizes and a dedicated bed(s) for community use. 

If you would like to sign up for a garden bed please register on the Communibee App (Click HERE for link); you can select your size and make your payment through the app. Fees for the beds are nominal and cover the cost of the bed set up, the soil, water supply and clean up.

Small bed (approx. 8 sq. ft) - $15

Large bed (approx. 18 sq. ft) - $30

Please be sure to register early! We will create a waiting list once all beds are reserved.

Thank you for keeping our community green!