South Entrance to TUC area between Wellwood and Welbourn - Fence closed May 16, 2019

We are aware of this newly erected fence panel on the west end of the walkway behind Wellwood Way.  This was not instructed or guided by anyone in the community, Homeowners Association, or Community league to our knowledge. 

We are looking into this with the TUC and their property managers to understand this direction, as its an integral part of our community's walkability and enjoyment for the last decades. 

We will advise when we have answers, as this was not communicated, or discussed, or evaluated by anyone working on our community boards, with the city, our councilor, or the TUC and their people.  


Wedgewood Ravine Homeowners Association


Response from TUC Manager Art Becker May 21, 2019


Response from TUC Manager Art Becker